Bars, pastry shops and bakeries

We have been specialists in bakery products alongside bartenders, pastry chefs and bakeries for over 40 years.

Every day we pay attention to their needs, reinventing together sweet and savoury pastries, to support them in meeting their customers’ tastes, every moment of the day. With their high service content, these safe, practical and high-quality products give the opportunity to add prestige to the shop display, to stand out from the competition and optimise costs.

Over the years we preserved the artisan philosophy, adapting it to the industrial scale, to offer a product that respects all the qualities of artisanal craftsmanship and the benefits of industrialisation, always aiming to be at the service of the operator.

We produce according to the strictest guidelines, guaranteeing continuity, offering a balanced quality/price ratio, a studied range and the continuous advice of our sales team.

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