We promote quality

Natural ingredients, antique confectionery culture and avant-garde processes come together in a balanced concoction to create high quality products, with an inimitable taste and certified by the most inflexible standards.

The "ingredients" of our recipe...

Effectiveness of the company procedures and information flow

Carefully selected raw materials, tested in our laboratories and certified by qualified authority

Production process continuously monitored and subjected to constant optimization

Continuous research and innovation: every year our R&D laboratories create new products and recipes

We carefully select the raw materials

Our commitment starts from simple and genuine ingredients like the recipes of our products. For instance, we only use eggs obtained from outdoor farms. The conditions of freedom granted to animals raised on the ground consent a life of better well-being: the natural habitat, the air, the light, the freedom to graze and to eat exactly “like Nature said” let the chickens lead a healthy life from the nutritional point of view and to grow up as strong and vigorous. A growth carried out in the name of naturalness and wellbeing, based on respect for all forms of life which ensures, at the same time, ethical, healthy, superior quality and delicious raw ingredients.

Sugar is a gift of nature, which every day quickly provides us with energy and has made for centuries the best culinary tradition tastier. In order to increase the awareness and food safety of our customers, we have chosen in our dough only Equo Cooperare Sugar, a traced and certified sugar: 7000 farms, involved from beetroot sowing to harvesting and processing, building an all-Italian success story every day. Italia Zuccheri certified “100% Italian” sugar represents the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices, respect for the agricultural supply chain, love and complicity between the territory and people. The farmers, day after day, take care of their fields and their beetroots with dedication. With this choice, we support every day those who, like us, feed the virtuous circle of the Made in Italy economy, choosing to work with respect for the territory and without compromising on Quality.

We are committed to select raw materials coming from responsible sourcing and, to do so, we choose UTZ certified cocoa: a seal of quality in favor of sustainable cultivation.

The UTZ protocol is a worldwide certification program aimed at producers of Tea, Sustainable Coffee and Sustainable Cocoa. Its goal is to ensure that primary production is implemented correctly and without inconveniences for workers and local people, in order to improve their expertise, world and life quality, as well as the performance and sustainability of their agricultural business.

Farmers are trained to accomplish the occupational safety and a balanced environmental management in order to be able to concretely optimize the ethical and productive impact on the environment.

From the field to
your Croissant!