We Renew

the tradition

Each and every day in our plants a magic is accomplished: the perfect balance between innovation and tradition, research and simplicity, technology and craft.

Our passion for tastiness was born in a country which praises one of the oldest and richest culinary cultures in the world. The pastry tradition of our territory and the love for regional specialties have always motivated our choices, inspiring us in our daily work and in creating authentic and unique products.



Creating and fostering every day a virtuous system of synergies is the most challenging aim. Authenticity, respect and know-how are our precious values, in the working environment and in everyday life as well.


It is the core of our work. Ensuring quality and steadiness is our priority.


They are our evidence when we are doing it right and the motivation to strive always to do better.


Our employees and partners are our incessant stimulus. Respect and dignity for working Personas are the foundation of our work and personal relationships.


It’s crowded, but full of challenges. The biggest one is the responsibility to be in the lives of so many people, every day, since the early morning.


It is difficult, sometimes mistreated, but always inspiring, full of humanity and ideas, full of positive examples of entrepreneurship and passion.

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We preserve the essential characteristics of our products: the integrity of the recipe, the genuineness of the selected ingredients, the fragrant and golden appearance of the puff pastry, the development and lightness of the dough, the simplicity of the aromas belonging to a natural product.

The most demanding specialists in the sector choose us because we ensure:

Bakery frozen products, sweet and savory, of high organoleptic quality, which respond to the market tastes and to the needs of the operators

Meticulous and widespread distribution service

Continuous listening to customer needs, in order to offer fast and effective support and solutions

We proudly utilize one of the most avant-garde plant in Europe, masterfully balanced by more than forty years of artisanal experience of our founder and our pastry chefs. Every day, from the culinary culture of our region, Campania, we harmoniously give life to our delicious frozen bakery products together with the technological know-how. In fact, freezing conserves naturally and without preservatives, allowing operators in the world to offer fragrant baked goods every day in compliance with the rules and donate a unique experience of quality and tastiness to their customers.