Dolciaria Acquaviva for Ukraine

The humanitarian crisis ignited by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine cannot leave us unsympathetic and everyone can lend a hand.

Dolciaria Acquaviva, always close to the People, has made its small contribution to help the Ukrainian population fleeing the war, gathering a fund for basic needs. We sincerely thank all the colleagues who, with great unselfishness and humanity, donated their working hours to help those in need.

The funds raised were donated to @CroceRossaItaliana, which is carrying out a precious aid to the affected populations who lack the most essential goods, such as water, food, clothing and health care. We thank the tireless work of the Croce Rossa Italiana. To date, 23 international operations have been carried out: a continuous humanitarian bridge that can be achieved with the contribution of each one of us.

#DolciariaAcquavivaforUkraine #EmergenzaUcraina